Flappy Fish Friend
Flappy Fish Friend is designed for curious and energetic pets, and pet owners who love to see their furry friends have fun!

Fun Exercise For Pets of All Ages

Watch Flappy Fish Friend In Action

Fun Exercise For Pets

It flaps, it flops - it looks just like a fish out-of-water! Flappy Fish Friend's realistic design and movements are a hit with pep-filled pets. Watch as your cat, dog, or other furry pal goes wild for Flappy Fish Friend. For added fun, hide some treats inside the pouch for your pet to find. They'll enjoy hours of healthy activity as they paw Flappy Fish Friend around.

Amazing Benefits of Flappy Fish Friend
Flips, Flops & Wiggles Like A Real Fish!

Flappy Fish Friend is a pet owner's dream, providing endless hands-off entertainment for pets of all ages. Keep your pet active and engaged without needing to monitor them.

Flappy Fish Friend doesn't only look like a real fish, it moves like one too. It flips and flops just like a real fish when touched, but stays still when playtime is over.

Flappy Fish Friend activates your pet's natural instincts & stimulates them to engage physically. Playing with Flappy Fish Friend releases energy, eliminates boredom, and relieves stress and anxiety.

Flappy Fish Friend comes with a hidden pouch that can be used to hold treats and snacks that will draw in and engage your pet.

Conveniently recharge Flappy Fish Friend with the included USB cable so you can maximize play time and optimize your pet's health and happiness.

Flappy Fish Friend Features
Full Fishy Feelfor Safe Fun at Home!

Discover your pet's newest favorite interactive toy. You'll never see your pet more happy and active!

Realistic Fish Stimulation

Flappy Fish Friend looks, flops, and flips like a real fish out-of-water! It utilizes smart sensors to interact with pets, flapping into action as soon as your pets touch it. When playtime is over, Flappy Fish Friend automatically stops moving and powers down.

Safe & Fun Everywhere

Bring Flappy Fish Friend anywhere! It's portable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The plush covering can easily be removed and washed in the machine or by hand.

Built-In Rechargeable Battery

Flappy Fish Friend includes a built-in rechargeable battery with USB cable for fast and simple recharging on the go. Play for days on a full charge lasts while increasing your pet's activity and decreasing their stress and anxiety.

Durable & Pet-Safe Material

Flappy Fish Friend comes with high-quality, bite-proof padding that protect the motor. Even big dogs can paw and chomp on Flappy Fish Friend without fear of damage to the toy or to your pet.

Flappy Fish Friend is Great for Pets
Improves Quality of Life with Fun Exercise!

Exercise aand both physical and mental stimulation enhance a pet's health and wellness. See how Flappy Fish Friend can elevate your pet's spirit.