Flappy Fish Rod
9,98 $
Playtime--both solo and interactive--is essential for a mentally and physically healthy companion.

Activates your pets’s prey-seeking instinct

Strengthens bond with pets through
collaborative play

Fun Exercise For Pets

Your pet already loves their Flappy Fish Friend - now you can join in on the fun too! With the Flappy Fish Rod, play time will become a communal activity that will give both you and your pet unmatched fun and happiness. Simply attach your Flappy Fish Friend to the fishing line and dangle it around to get your pet’s attention! Your pet will leap, paw, and bite at the Flappy Fish Friend as if it were a live fish!

You and Your Pet Will be “Hooked”
On playing with the Flappy Fish Rod fishing toy!

Designed to help you bond with your pal through interactive swatting play, it has an extendable wand and plenty of fluttery, wispy feathers and a plush catnip-filled “bait” fish to keep your pal engaged, not to mention adding much-needed exercise to his day.

Flappy Fish Rod connects seamlessly with your Flappy Fish Friend - you can be playing withing seconds of opening it!

Get involved in play time and build closer relationships with your pets

Swing, tug, or drag your Flappy Fish Friend around to keep your pet moving and on their toes

Activate your pet’s natural clawing and hunting instincts in a fun, safe way

Flappy Fish Rod is Great for Pets
Improves Quality of Life with Fun Exercise!

Exercise and both physical and mental stimulation enhance a pet's health and wellness. See how Flappy Fish Rod can elevate your pet's spirit.