Foam Sparkle
49,98 $
Instantly washes away stains, odor & harmful bacteria in one single wash, leaving your bathroom looking & smelling great!


Hands-Free, Hygienic & Smart Way To Make Toilets,
Sinks & Tops Sparkle Like New.

3-in-1 Foaming Cleanser For All Your Cleaning Needs

Introducing Foam Sparkle

Foam Sparkle is an innovative toilet cleaning powder that includes foaming gem crystals that do more than just clean superficially. They attach themselves to the root of the stubborn stains, bowl film, foul odor, break them down and wash them away in one single use - while also leaving your loo smelling fresh.

So you can bid goodbye to filthy & unhygienic hand scrubbing, and just add a scoop of Foam Sparkle and see your loo sparkle like new in just seconds - cleaner, fresher, whiter!


Single Use Cleaning. Up To 6 Uses


Safe For Sanitary-ware. 100% Septic Tank Friendly


No More Hand Scrubbing. Kills Bacteria, Virus & Fungus
Magic Foam Particles

Removes Harshest Stains In 1 Wash

Formulated with grime fighting foam particles that cleans stains, remove foul odor & restore hygiene to your bathroom in just one wash!

Safe to Use

No Filthy Hand Washing & Scrubbing

Foam Sparkle does not corrode your ceramic or metal, making it 100% safe for your sanitary fittings, plastic & even septic tank.

Powerful Cleaning

Eliminates Bacteria, Rust, Scales & More

No stain, skid or smell is too tough for Foam Sparkle, just 1 scoop will leave your toilet, sink, countertop & more looking brand new!

A Brand New Toilet In Just 3 Simple Steps

Foam Sparkle has been formulated in consultation with sanitary ware & bathroom fitting manufacturers, after taking into account all the things that it needs to combat - stains, odor, microbes & the longevity of your toilet ware.

Scoop It

Just open the lid & scoop out about 30 grams or 1 tablespoon of Foam Sparkle, a little goes a long way!

Pour It

Pour Foam Sparkle into the toilet bowl, sink, or top and wait for about 20 minutes for it to do the magic.

Wash It

Flush your toilet or just wash your sink or top - to unlock a whiter, fresher & cleaner toilet in just minutes!

3-in-1 Foaming Cleanser
For All Your Cleaning Needs

Triple action formula, ease of use, multiple-applications,100% safe and affordability - makes Foam Sparkle the toilet cleaner of choice of hundreds of households across the country.

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