Premio Audio TW60 Earbuds User Manual

Bluetooth Earbuds User Manual

In your bluetooth earbuds package you will receive a user manual and a getting started guide. The same information is included below for your reference

Product Use
For first time use, peel off the insulating tape at the bottom of earbuds.

1. Open the case and the earbuds will power on automatically
When opening the case, the earbuds will power on automatically, or manually by pressing the touch button for 3 seconds to power on. If the charging box is on standby for a long time, the earbuds will default without power. Just press the earphones for about 3 seconds and then they will power up.

2. Power off
The earbuds will power off when placed into the charging case with the lid closed. You can manually power them off by pressing the touch button for 5 seconds. (The earbuds will power off after 3 minutes if not connected to a device).

3. Bluetooth pairing
After the earbuds power on, they will be in auto-pairing mode. Open the device and find Bluetooth “TWS” to connect. The indicator light will disappear after connecting. The earbuds will automatically pair to the device which you have paired to before. If you need to connect to another device, please re-complete the pairing steps.

4. Charging indication
When the case is charging, the red light blinks.
When the case is fully charged, the indicator light stays on.
When the earbuds are charging, the blue light on the case stays on.
When the earbuds are charging, the red light will stay on and go out when fully charged.

5. Phone call mode
When a call comes in you’ll hear a prompt with an electronic sound + the incoming number. A Single touch on the left or right earbud will answer the call.
During the call : Single touch either earbud to hang up.
Reject a call : Long press either earbud for 2 seconds.

6. How to use the earbuds?
Single press - Left or Right earbud: Play / Pause, Answer / Hang up
Double press : Left earbud > skip back | Right earbud > skip forward
Triple press : Left earbud > Volume down | Right earbud > Volume up

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