Premio Audio TW60 Safety Info

Safety Information

Before using and operating the earbuds, please read and follow the below precautions to ensure the best performance and to avoid potential hazards.

Electronic Devices

Do not use this device in any place where wireless devices are prohibited, otherwise it may interfere with other electronic devices or cause other dangers.

Medical Equipment Interference

In medical and health care environments where the use of wireless devices is prohibited, please follow the rules and turn off the device.
The radio waves generated by the device may affect the normal operation of implanted medical devices or personal medical devices, such as pacemakers, cochlear implants, hearing aids, etc. If you use these medical devices, please consult the manufacturer for restrictions on the use of bluetooth devices.
When using this device, please keep at least 15 cm away from implanted medical devices (such as pacemakers, cochlear implants, etc.)

Hearing Loss

Listening to sound at high volume may permanently damage your hearing. When you use earbuds to listen to music or calls, it is recommended to use the minimum volume required for music or calls to avoid stress to your hearing.
Exposure to high-level volume while driving may cause distractions, and cause accidents. Exercise caution at all times.

Operating Environment

Do not use the device in dusty or wet environments, or near magnetic fields to avoid failure of the internal circuits of the device.
When installing the device, please keep away from strong magnetic fields or electrical appliances with strong magnetic fields, such as ovens and refrigerators.
Do not use the device in extreme or adverse weather conditions. Thunderstorms may cause equipment failure or electric shock hazard.
Please use the device within a temperature range of 10 °C ~ 35 °C, and store the device and its accessories within a temperature range of 5°C ~ 35°C. When the ambient temperature is too high or too low, it may cause device function failure. When the temperature is below 5°C, the performance of the battery is limited.
Do not place the device in direct sunlight, such as the dashboard or window of a car.
Do not place the device near heating sources or exposed fire sources, such as electric heaters, ovens, water heaters, stoves, candles, or other places that may generate high temperatures.
Do not place sharp metal objects such as pins near the device’s earpiece or speaker, otherwise the metal objects may adhere and cause injury to you.

Child Safety

This device and its accessories may contain some small parts. Keep the device and its accessories in a place out of children’s reach. Children may inadvertently damage the device and its accessories, or swallow small parts, causing suffocation or other hazards.
This device is not a toy, children should use this device only under adult supervision.

Battery Safety

Do not disassemble or modify the battery, or fully immerse in water or other liquids, to avoid battery leakage, fire or explosion.
Do not drop, crush or puncture the battery. It can cause internal short circuits and overheating.
This device is equipped with a non-removable built-in battery. Do not replace the battery yourself to avoid damage to the battery or device.
Please dispose of batteries in accordance with local regulations. Do not dispose batteries as household waste. Improper disposal of the battery may cause the battery to explode.

Charger Safety

When charging the device, the power socket should be installed near the device and should be easily accessible.
When charging is completed or not charging, disconnect the charger from the device and unplug the charger from the power outlet.

Environmental Protection

Do not dispose of this device and its accessories as ordinary household garbage.
Please abide by the local laws and regulations on the handling of this device and its accessories, and support recycling operations.


The earbuds should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated environment, avoiding contacting with oil, water vapor, steam, moisture and dust.
Avoid using harsh organic solvents or items containing these ingredients to clean the earbuds.
If the earbuds fail to connect or suffer from poor connection, please do not attempt to dismantle them or the accessories, otherwise warranties will be voided.
When charging the earbuds, please use the standard charger or a compatible charger as specified by our company.
To ensure the normal use of the earbuds, please ensure they are fully charged.

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