Premio Audio TW60 Earbuds FAQs

Bluetooth Earbuds FAQ

We've spent years researching and developing our wireless products to exacting standards, so that we can bring them to you for your enjoyment at an amazing price. The quality and capabilities of all our products compares to much more expensive brand names. Find the answers to some commonly asked questions below:

Will Premio Audio Earbuds work on any phone?
Yes! Our premium earbuds will work for any Bluetooth device, including iPhones, Android phones, laptop computers, and any device that has bluetooth connectivity.

Can you swim in these earbuds? I see that they are water resistant in the description.
You should never use the earbuds while swimming, nor submerge them completely in water. But they can be used on moderately rainy days and are sweat-proof. The water resistant rating means that these wireless earbuds can resist sweat, water, and rain. They're perfect for working out, running and jogging, doing yoga, or other activities.

How long do they take to fully charge?
The wireless earbuds take about an hour to fully charge. We recommend that to get the best product longevity you should charge your earbuds moderately frequently, rather than letting the battery die with every use.

Are the earbuds comfortable to wear for a long time? Will they hurt my ears?
The Premio Audio earbuds are designed to be extremely lightweight and comfortable. You should not have any discomfort while wearing them.

What is the range of the bluetooth connectivity?
The range of the bluetooth connection is about 10 meters, but this can vary based on conditions and objects between your device and the earbuds.

Can I use these to talk on the phone?
Yes! If you have them paired to your phone, you will hear a notification when a call is incoming. Just tap once to accept the call, and whatever audio or video you were listening to will pause to let you answer the call.

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